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The League of Women Voters of Florida supports every woman’s right to access affordable, high-quality reproductive health care, including access to abortion services and birth control.  We affirm that public policy in a pluralistic society must affirm the constitutional right to privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices.  The Issue Chair is Amy Weintraub.

Key Issues Addressed:

  1. LWVFL supports treating abortion as a medical procedure to be decided upon by a woman and her physician.
  2. LWVFL promotes the prevention of unintended pregnancy through advocating for comprehensive sex education in schools and increased access to publicly-funded family planning information, services, and devices.
  3. In solidarity with our more than 50 organizational partners in the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition, LWVFL actively opposes proposed restrictions to birth control and abortion.
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How You Can Get Involved
Ways to get involved with this issue:

The LWVFL Reproductive Health & Justice Committee welcomes LWVFL members interested in engaging actively in eliminating barriers to abortion and other reproductive health care.  The Committee is chaired by Amy Weintraub, of LWV St Petersburg Area, who represents LWVFL on Floridians for Reproductive Freedom.  The RHJ Committee coordinates LWVFL actions pertaining to reproductive health care and access. We work to leverage LWVFL’s numbers in defending reproductive health and access.


Follow this link to RSVP and to receive call-in instructions for conference call held monthly on the 2nd Monday at noon:   http://tinyurl.com/LWVF-RHJCommittee

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