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4 days ago

League of Women Voters of Florida

Rally to Stop the Bans in Sarasota. ...

By making financial obligations a requisite to voting, you create two classes of people: one group who can afford to vote, and one who cannot afford to vote. SB 7066 restricts #Amendment4 – call Gov. DeSantis at (850) 717-9337 and tell him to VETO SB 7066! ...

By making financial obligations a requisite to voting, you create two classes of people: one group who can afford to vote, and one who cannot afford to vote. SB 7066 restricts #Amendment4 – call Gov. DeSantis at (850) 717-9337 and tell him to VETO SB 7066!

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He needs to read the 24th Amendment to the US Constitution. Any payment made to enable me to vote would constitute a poll tax which is unconstitutional. If the state wants me to use my drivers’ license in order to vote they better stop charging me for it.

This infuriates me to no end! We voted to allow everyone who served their time to vote. Period! No one gets charged!we should all band together and not let this happen. This is voter suppression & voter oppression plain & simple. In November I discovered by accident that republicans changed the mail in ballot laws in Florida. Many of us never received our ballots to vote by mail because they changed the law a couple years ago that you had to update your address every two years. Had I not noticed we didn’t get our ballots yet we wouldn’t have been able to vote as we were completely removed. There was one blurb in the paper about it three years ago. Many of the seniors I help never got their mail in ballots either. It’s all by design folks. We must stop this BS!

Sounds like a poll tax to me.

Nooooooo kño No sigan NO es familia mía 😝

Is this a way to get around the allowing former felons right to vote that we campaigned so hard to allow? If so, it's a dick move on his part, especially since he had been doing well for a republican. And let's not mention is sort of kinda an illegal type of poll tax.

Amen I totally agree with you! If you want people to have a picture on their Voter Registration then have a camera and printer at the supervisors of elections office and do it when they register to vote like in the Drivers licenses Office! And redo it every ten years or when an address change or name change happens!

What is this dumb... problem. A Republican maybe. Always thinking of ways to keep the poorer segment of the population from voting.

If people who serve time have to pay costs and make restitution before they can vote - do people who make monetary plea deals have to serve time?


One step away from allowing only the landed gentry to vote! 😡

He will sign no matter what unfortunately but we can still let him know that we do not want him to. Let's continue to register voters.

This is a poll tax which is illegal & it's voter suppression. Don't just comment here. Call the governor. Have all your friends call the governor. and say no to this affront to our democracy.

Can’t believe this even has to be said.

A waste of time. He will do what he wants, not what the people want.

Patti Montgomery


La Ivy Melendez




The ballot question stated that reinstatement of voting rights would be contingent on any conditions imposed by the court being satisfied. It is not unusual for restitution to be required as part of sentencing. How would you feel if it someone who had robbed you?


I am very disappointed that the League of Women Voters would post this message. Please post where there is a fee being charged to be able to vote. SB7066 simply sets the administrative procedures to be followed regarding reinstating the voting rights of a felon. Payment of any Court related restitution or fines that were included in the original Court order must be satisfied. THIS WAS PART OF THE BALLOT QUESTION!!!

Omg. Cant believe people want to go back to the dark ages and end peoples right to vote. Vote these bigots out

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