Act Now on SB 7030/HB7093! Don't Arm Teachers!


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We here at the League would like to wish a happy Pesach and a happy Good Friday to all of those celebrating today! Best wishes go out to you and your families. ...

17 hours ago

League of Women Voters of Florida

Congratulations to Desmond Meade on this honor! We look forward to working with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to fully welcome returning citizens back into our democracy.Executive Director Desmond Meade has been named TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME Magazine. The full list and related tributes appear in the April 29, 2019, issue of TIME, available on newsstands on Friday, April 19, and now at This is an amazing honor for our ED, and it highlights FRRC's efforts to fight for the rights of returning citizens in Florida. “Being named to the TIME 100 is an unexpected honor that I believe speaks to the power of committing to being of service to others, and the power of love to transform conditions and people,” said Desmond Meade. “I hope that receiving this honor inspires an increase in supporting the leadership of people who are closest to the pain.” If you want to support the work that is so important to Desmond and our Returning Citizen family, please click #OURVOTEOURVOICE ...

Congratulations to Desmond Meade on this honor! We look forward to working with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to fully welcome returning citizens back into our democracy.

3 days ago

League of Women Voters of Florida

#SB7030 will be heard on the Senate floor NOW. Take 10 minutes to make calls. Tell these Senators to listen to students and #DontArmTeachers!

📞 Bill Galvano (850) 487-5021
📞 Lauren Book (850) 487-5032
📞 Manny Diaz (850) 487-5036
📞 Travis Hutson (850) 487-5007
📞 Tom Lee (850) 487-5020
📞 Debbie Mayfield (850) 487-5017
📞 Tom Wright (850) 487-5014

League of Women Voters of Florida
Take action NOW! The bill that would allow the arming of Florida's (public) school teachers (SB 7030) is now on the Senate floor. Our teachers have said they do not want to be armed. Our students have said they do not want their teachers to be armed. The only people who should have access to firearms on campus are highly-trained law enforcement officers. This bill hits the Senate floor, TOMORROW, April 17th. Contact key legislators:


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1. Florida Law makers did take the curriculum away from teachers. They thought the knew better an they were WRONG. To make the problem worse, they could not, did not admit and rectify their mistake. 2. NO ONE is going to force ANY SCHOOL EMPLOYEE to carry a weapon. 3. Read the Parkland MSD H S report. it will answer this question. If you have not read the report maybe you should not comment on the issue. 4. Your data on law enforcement arriving at a shooting seen helps to prove the argument that, an armed and trained person with a weapon ON SITE will be able to react immediately. the Parkland MSD H S report. 5.Weapons kept by a school employee that roams the school, MSD H S had 8 such people, would keep their weapon on their person, IF THEY WANTED TO BE ARMED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Not everyone has the temperament or desire to own and or use a deadly weapon and that is not the issue. 6.A teacher would keep their weapon in a small, locked gun safe that has a key pad that takes less that 4 seconds to open. The recommendations for safe schools is comprehensive covering school infrastructure measures, doors and access, communication, and identifying potential students and employees that may be in need of help. In addition, Florida has set up a help / reporting call system. The Federal government has been negligent in providing the citizens protection through legislation, and it will be up to the individual states to install RED FLAG laws to help control access to weapons by people who are already prohibited from owning / buying weapons.

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