Census 2020 has started! Find out everything you need to know about this important event and how you can get involved!

10 Top Tips for Promoting Co-Op Participation

  1. EARNED MEDIA: Articles in newspaper, TV and radio including Guest Editorial and/or News article in local paper
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA: facebook Next Door Reminders: PICTURES ARE KEY
  4. Tabling at farmers markets and local events: Wear Yellow shirts and gather EMAILS of those who want to be on your list
  5. EMAILS to League members via Constant Contact
  6. Partner groups…ask them to use their emails to members
  7. School system; Discounts and Deals to Employees
  8. Tables at local employers
  9. Presentation to County and City Commission
  10. Presentations to Rotaries, HOA, Kiwanis, Chamber, etc.


  • Who has the ability to finance (credit) or (cash) to buy a $10,000 to $25,000 solar system?
  • Most likely they are between 50 & 70 years old. They have equity in their home, kids are out of the house, college is paid for, and solar is an investment for the future.
  • Younger families sometimes put solar on a newly constructed home wrapping it into a mortgage or have a better financial situation than their peers.
  • In other states the demographic expands with 3rd party solar (company puts it on your roof and sells you electricity; not legal in Florida).
  • Younger demographics are helpful for activism and education but generally do not go solar.

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Due to the ongoing health crisis, we've suspended face-to-face voter registration. We highly recommend that those who need to register to vote in Florida do so with Vote411.org!  It also allows users to easily check their registration status. Click here to register now!