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2018 Amendment editorials from publications across the State

What Editorial Boards are saying:

Tampa Bay Times: Times Recommends, Vote Yes on 4, No on the Rest

Daytona Beach News Journal: Our View, Vote No on Amendment 1

Naples Daily News:  Our recommendations on tax related amendments

Miami Herald: Learn How 12 Amendments affect your life, and your wallet, before you vote.

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel: 5 Good, 7 Bad Amendments for Florida’s Constitution

Palm Beach Post: Amendment 1 benefits too few, shifts taxes to others; ‘Yes’ on Amendment 2; ‘No’ on Amendment 5 

Florida Times Union:  Sorting out confusing amendments for Voters

Ft. Myers News Press: Proposed Amendments too much of a gamble

Florida Today: How to vote on Florida’s 12 amendments on the 2018 Ballot, Our Recommendations.

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