2018 Legislative Priorities of the League of Women Voters of Florida

Learn about our specific legislative goals pertaining to our areas of focus

2018 LWVFL Legislative Priorities

The League of Women Voters of Florida is a grassroots organization, and as such, we focus on the issues that our members care the most about. Each year, our membership is polled to see which issues are most important to them. Every local league submits priorities. After tabulating each local league’s submissions, the top five areas become priorities for the Legislative Session.

Here are our 2018 Legislative Priorities:

Election Law

  • Oppose any legislation that might discourage or prevent voting, or result in any action that may disqualify eligible voters.
  • Establish threshold criteria for write-in candidates that mirror current requirements for announced candidates. The presence of a write-in candidate as the only opponent should not close the primary.
  • Support the election of the President and Vice President by direct popular vote via the National Popular Voter Compact.
  • Support statewide use of an Open Primary election system that allows for the broadest possible voter participation.
  • Support retention of a 1968 Constitutional Amendment to ensure home rule for counties and municipalities, and oppose any legislation inconsistent with League of Women Voter positions.


  • Support adequate funding for school facilities and operations for the 2018-19 school years to meet the needs of Florida’s schools. Support curriculum and instructional materials developed by educational experts to serve as guides and resources for local districts.
  • Support a statewide assessment and accountability system that provides the same data at appropriate intervals to measure student progress for all schools that receive public funds, directly or indirectly.
  • Support higher standards for early childhood education, for both staff and programs.

Natural Resources

  • Support full funding of the Florida Forever land acquisition program and proper implementation of the Water and Legacy Conservation Amendment adopted in 2014.
  • Support the ban of advanced well stimulation treatments (fracking) including but not limited to hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing.
  • Support legislation that would promote the use of solar power by measures such as: requiring installation of roof-top solar on all new construction, promoting support of partnerships and co-ops in support of the 2016 Solar Amendment 4.
  • Support legislation to address climate change through energy conservation and greater use of renewable energy sources, and to promote compliance with the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

Gun Safety

  • Support a ban of all semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines.
  • Support comprehensive universal background checks.
  • Oppose any legislation that would expand the right to carry a concealed weapon, to carry a weapon on a school or college campus and to have open carry in the state of Florida.
  • Support retrieval of firearms from anyone with restraining or protective orders and/or convictions regarding stalking or domestic violence against them.

Health Care

  • Oppose any legislative action that would negatively impact Medicaid funding or reduce access to health care for Florida residents.
  • Support expansion of health care access and affordable coverage for low income, uninsured and under insured Floridians.
  • Support funding of critical health care services such as KidCare, free clinics, mental health services, substance abuse and family planning services.
  • Support a woman’s right to privacy regarding reproductive rights.

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