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3D guns are dangerous. Here’s what you can do.

What are 3D & GHOST GUNS?

3D-printed guns are Do-It-Yourself firearms made on demand by using Computer Aided Design files and 3D printers. The 3D gun printing technology allows any person, anywhere in the world to make his/her untraceable guns without serial numbers, background checks, waiting periods, permits and other state and federal requirements for gun ownership.

3D guns are untraceable, mostly undetectable, and very accessible.

3D guns in the hands of terrorists, felons, domestic abusers and other prohibited users result in grave public safety, national security and international threat.

Ghost guns are DIY untraceable guns created without serial numbers.

Ghost Guns are exempted from federal regulation.

3D guns are ghost guns.

What can you do?

Contact Attorney General Pam Bondi and ask her to protect our state by seeking a temporary/permanent injunction to stop Defense Distributed from publishing, exporting, and/or distributing printable-gun computer files to IP addresses in Florida.

Attorney General Pam Bondi
Phone: 1-866-966-7226

Visit the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence if you’d like to learn more about Ghost Guns.

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