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ACTION ALERT: Bad gun bills in committee tomorrow.

ACTION ALERT: Bad gun bills in committee tomorrow.

Take Action on the Following Bad Gun Bills!

SB 274: Would allow holders of concealed weapons permits to carry their guns onto private school grounds where religious institutions are located. We oppose this bill. Firearms do not belong on school campuses!
SB 148: Would reduce penalties for concealed weapons permits holders who  temporarily openly carry their firearm. We oppose this bill. A “temporary” amount of time is not defined in this proposal.
These bills will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, November 14th at 2pm EST. Please call the following senators and ask that they vote NO on SB 274and SB 148:
Sen. Greg Steube (Chair): (850) 487-5023
Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto: (850) 487-5027
Sen. Randolph Bracy: (850) 487-5011
Sen. Rob Bradley: (850) 487-5005
Sen. Anitere Flores: (850) 487-5039
Sen. Rene Garcia: (850) 487-5036
Sen. Audrey Gibson: (850) 487-5006
Sen. Debbie Mayfield: (850) 487-5017
Sen. Bobby Powell: (850) 487-5030
Sen. Perry E. Thurston, Jr.: (850) 487-5033
Thank you! Let’s keep Florida safe from unnecessary and reckless gun laws.

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