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Action Alert: Support our state Supervisors of Elections!

Action Alert: Support our state Supervisors of Elections!

HB 85 and HB 87 have overwhelmingly passed in the House and are now on the floor of the Senate. They may be voted on as early as Wednesday, Feb. 14th. These two bills are required in order for Florida to join the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which will enable Florida to join with 23 other states to ensure that our voter roles are consistently accurate.

ERIC compares official data provided by its participating states, the US Postal Service, and Social Security death records. The data is compared in order to identify out of date records in the event voters have moved, changed their name, or died.

As a state with so many residents moving here annually from other states, ERIC will not only ensure accurate voter rolls, but it will eventually enable automatic registration of all eligible voters. Getting Florida enrolled in ERIC is the top legislative priority for the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections. The League fully supports our Supervisors of Elections and applauds the House for the overwhelmingly bipartisan effort in passing this bill.

Click here to find your Senator. Please thank them for supporting Florida’s Supervisors of Elections and ask for their Yes vote in passing House Bills 85 and 87.

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