Amendment 4 Voter Restoration

Information and resources on Amendment 4 Implementation

Returning citizens who know that they qualify for reinstatement can register to vote; those who are not certain should verify their status before registering. If you or a loved one is planning to register to vote, the FAQs below may be helpful.  Additional information about voter registration efforts is available below.

Watch this Florida Channel Capitol Update Extended video explaining the relationship between SB 7066 — Election Administration, and Amendment 4 which restores the voting rights of returning citizens.

Background. The League of Women Voters Florida (LWVFL) announced that beginning on January 8, 2019, volunteers will help millions of disenfranchised Floridians become registered voters. Amendment 4, which passed by almost 64% of the electorate in November, granted the right to vote to former felons in Florida (except murderers or felony sex offenders) who have completed their sentences.  

“The League is thrilled to be working with our coalition partners to guard against any delays in implementation of the will of the people,” said Patricia Brigham, LWVFL President. “The League has long stood for the voting rights of the excluded and we are overjoyed that we can work with returning citizens just as early League members worked to first enfranchise and then educate and increase women voters.” League 1st VP and Amendment 4 Action Chair Cecile Scoon stated that “Amendment 4 is self-executing. No additional legislation is needed to implement Amendment 4 and any attempt to delay the implementation would be an affront to the resounding demand from voters to ‘let the people vote!’”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Amendment 4

  1. When does Amendment 4 go into effect? The amendment went into effect on January 8th.
  2. If I am a Returning Citizen who has completed all portions of my sentence, can I register to vote on January 8th? Yes
  3. What organization can I contact if I need help getting registered?   
    1. Florida Rights Restoration Coalition If you have questions about registering to vote, you can contact the FRRC:  1-877-698-6830.
  4. Do Returning Citizens need to bring proof of a completed sentence before registering?  No. The responsibility of the citizen is to honestly affirm that, by completing the terms of their sentence, their voting rights have been restored – because, if they have completed their sentence, the voters’ rights have been restored.
  5. Where can I find more information online about whether I’ve completed the terms of my sentence?  If a person is unsure about whether their sentence is complete, they should check these places for their records:

News & Opinions on FL Legislative Activities concerning Amendment 4

For guidelines on how third party organizations can register voters:  Third-Party-Regis-guidelines.pdf

To download the LWVFL Powerpoint Presentation on how League partners can register voters, click here 

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