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Coalition To Support Florida Public Education

Educate voters on the importance of keeping schools under local control, letting communities elect their own school boards, and not being tempted by redundancy in teaching. 

The LWVFL and other concerned organizations formed the Coalition after the Florida Constitution Revision Commission placed Amendment 8 on the November ballot. Amendment 8 linked three otherwise unrelated education proposals and then attempted to hide radical policy behind term limits, which polled well. The overall impact of this deceptive amendment would significantly impact local controlof our public schools.

The Coalition’s goal is to engage and educate voters on the true impactof Amendment 8. Don’t Take the Bait!  Click here for our Coalition Facebook page to stay informed on this important issue.  Click here for the LWVFL summary of Amendment 8, and what a Vote Yes or Vote No would do. 

And view our Don’t Take the Bait on Amendment 8 landing page and share it! 

Current Coalition Partners:

• ACLU Florida• AFL-CIO Florida• Alianza for Progress• AAUW Florida• Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood• Florida Education Association• Florida School Board Association• Southern Poverty Law Center• AFSCME• Florida Policy Institute• League of Women Voters of Florida• Progress Florida• Rev. Dr. Russell L. Meyer, Executive Director, Fla. Council ofChurches• Women’s March Florida


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Due to the ongoing health crisis, we've suspended face-to-face voter registration. We highly recommend that those who need to register to vote in Florida do so with Vote411.org!  It also allows users to easily check their registration status. Click here to register now!