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CRC proposes putting 24 ideas into 12 amendments on November ballot. Why?

CRC proposes putting 24 ideas into 12 amendments on November ballot. Why?

As reported in the Miami Herald, not all agree with this strategy.

“We owe the citizens of this state the opportunity to decide on each individual proposal as to whether that proposal should become part of our Constitution,” Henry Coxe, a Jacksonville lawyer, wrote in a letter to the committee’s chair, Brecht Heuchan on Monday.

“An effort to group one proposal with another could easily be perceived as a political decision to protect one from being hurt by another, or to bootstrap one with a popular proposal,” said Coxe, who was appointed to the commission by former chief justice of the Supreme Court Jorge Labarga.

While some CRC members wanted all the proposals to stand on their own to avoid voter confusion, others argued they wanted them grouped to save voters’ time.
The LWVFL will be reviewing approach and how to respond.

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