CRC to vote on proposals Monday — contact them now!

Your action is needed now. On Monday, the Constitution Revision Commission plans to vote on their proposals to send to the November ballot. The issue with that — rather than voting on each of the 24 proposals, the CRC plans to combine the 24 proposals into 12 amendments. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote a great editorial piece regarding this issue on Thursday.

This is an obvious attempt to group amendments with each other in order to force commissioners (and voters) to approve ideas they may not support, in order to pass an idea they do support. Here’s a letter we sent to the CRC on Thursday expressing these concerns.

Even members of the CRC itself agree — read Commissioner Bob’s Martinez’s letter to the full CRC here. Commissioner Martinez plans to bring motions to the floor on Monday to unbundle these proposals and allow the voters to clearly understand any amendments passed by the CRC.

The CRC was not appointed to play political games. The members of this unique commission were appointed to do the right thing for Floridians — which would be to present each idea to the voters in order to be voted up or down on their own merits.


We need you to let every Floridian know what they’re doing, and it has to be today. Send this alert to your personal networks and ask them to call the commissioners. Post it on all of your social media and email it to the editor of your local newspaper. We only have 48 hours to impact their vote on Monday.

Contact the CRC and tell them to do what is best for the voters of Florida: Stop the political games. Do the right thing for Florida voters and let each proposal stand on its own merits. Support Commissioner Bob Martinez’s motion to unbundle each group of proposals.


Chair Carlos Beruff: (850)

Cmssr. Pam Bondi: (850)

Cmssr. Lisa Carlton: (941)

Cmssr. Timothy Cerio: (850)

Cmssr. Jose Felix Diaz:

Cmssr. Erika Donalds: (850)

Cmssr. Don Gaetz:

Cmssr. Emery Gainey: (850)

Cmssr. Anna Gamez: (850)

Cmssr. Tom Grady: (850)

Cmssr. Brecht Heuchan: (850)

Cmssr. Marva Johnson: (850)

Cmssr. Darlene Jordan: (561)

Cmssr. Fred Karlinsky: (954)

Cmssr. Belinda Keiser: (954)

Cmssr. Tom Lee: (813)

Cmssr. Gary Lester: (352)

Cmssr. Patricia Levesque: (850)

Cmssr. Rich Newsome: (850)

Cmssr. Chris Nocco: (727)

Cmssr. Jeanette Nunez: (305)

Cmssr. Sherry Plymale: (772)

Cmssr. Darryl Rouson: (727)

Cmssr. Bill Schifino: (850)

Cmssr. Bob Solari: (772)

Cmssr. Chris Sprowls: (727)

Cmssr. John Stargel:

Cmssr. John Stemberger: (850)

Cmssr. Pam Stewart: (850) 245-050,

Cmssr. Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch: (772)

Cmssr. Carolyn Timmann: (772)

Cmssr. Nicole Washington: (786) 

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