Florida Amendment 8 combines three separate education issues into one catch-all proposal. And one issue—number 2 below—is particularly concerning.


What does this amendment do?


It enacts an 8-year term limit for all Florida school board members.

Currently, communities can continue to re-elect people they’re happy with.


It lets the legislature establish an appointed, unaccountable state board with the power to create new charter schools whenever and wherever they want. Locally elected school boards would no longer have the power to approve or supervise charter schools operating within their districts. This amendment will result in competing systems of public schools that could ultimately cost taxpayers twice as much.


It mandates teaching “civic literacy” in public schools. A semester-long civics class is already required in middle school under Florida law.

Communities should be able to shape their school boards and establish and control all their schools.

This amendment undermines local power over education.

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Keep local schools under local control!

Under this amendment, the state can establish and administer charter and public schools in your community. While district school boards would also still have power to create schools and manage them, this strips away too much regional authority.

Let communities shape their school boards!

People on district school boards are locally elected. If the majority of local parents and residents approve of the job they’re doing, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be eligible for reelection simply because they’ve served two 4-year terms.

Don’t be tempted by a redundancy!

It’s great to require that students learn about civics. But this part of the amendment is unnecessary, adding something to the State Constitution that’s already mandated by law. Don’t forfeit local control over education just because this sounds good.

These organizations join the League of Women Voters Florida in opposing Amendment 8:

  • Florida School Boards Association
  • Florida Policy Institute
  • Florida Education Association
  • ACLU Florida
  • AFL-CIO Florida
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