First Florida Solar Congress Held at Valencia West

First Florida Solar Congress Held at Valencia West

From Palm Beach to Pensacola, and from Key West to Saint Augustine, Floridians converged on Orlando today for the first annual Solar Congress.

300 avid solar voters gathered to hear speakers from across the nation address Florida’s remarkable first place showing of a 110% increase in new residential solar permits over the previous year.

Solar Energy is a hit.

Organized by Solar United Neighbors, League members joined Sierra Club members, NAACP members, and a host of other individual citizens and groups to share ideas and best practices to help Florida continue it’s explosive growth in residential installations and to learn about exciting new initiatives.

Notable “solar heroes” speaking there included Dr. Jim Fenton, director of Florida Solar Energy Center; Mayor Phil Stoddard, of South Miami Beach; Susan Glickman of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy;  Phil Compton of the Sierra Club; Deirdre Macnab, Solar Chair of the Florida League of Women Voters; and Scott Thomason of Vote Solar.


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