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Florida and the Federal Government have both released School Safety Commission Reports. Some of the recommendations are surprising, others expected.

Florida and the Federal Government have both released School Safety Commission Reports. Some of the recommendations are surprising, others expected.

Not surprisingly, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission concludes that teachers need guns; and schools need security.

The commission was chaired by Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, who expressed early and decisive resistance to certain ideas, such as requiring gun owners to lock up their firearms in a safe. He also defended the commission’s recommendation to arm teachers, which was met with a tsunami of criticism when it was suggested during the past legislative session, including from Gov. Rick Scott.

The panel voted to include a controversial proposal allowing classroom teachers to carry guns in schools if they go through a selection process that would include background checks and training. Such a change would require the state Legislature’s approval.

Right now, school systems are allowed under a guardian program to arm certain school employees, such as security guards, administrators or librarians.

Click here for a Sun Sentinel recap of the panel recommendations. For complete draft report of this 407 page document, click here.

Less than a week after the MSD Public Safety Commission released its report, the Trump Administration School Safety Commission released its report. The panel hardly touched on the role of guns in deadly school shootings in its wrap-up Tuesday Dec. 18th.

Instead, the panel took a far less confrontational approach by sidestepping President Donald Trump’s call for trained teachers to carry guns and avoiding recommendations on age restrictions for the purchase of guns.

 Click here for a Politico recap. Click here for the Washington Post analysis. Click here for the final report of the Federal Commission for School Safety.

Meanwhile, Gov.-Elect Ron DeSantis has created a Public Safety panel. The panel will be chaired by Kent Stermon, COO of Total Military Management, a third-party service provider to clients like the Department of Defense. Absent from the panel are the Parkland kids and parents who have advocated for stricter gun control nationwide. Fred Guttenberg who supported Gillum, won’t have DeSantis’ ear on public safety. Nor will Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, who were students at Stoneman Douglas during the massacre and have advocated for measures like a nationwide assault-weapons ban. Click here for more on the Panel from Florida Politics.

Clearly, those who oppose arming teachers in our public schools, including the League, have their work cut out during this upcoming legislative session.


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