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Florida Politicians ducking debates and dodging Voter Guide Questions in increasing numbers

Scott Maxwell, columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, has noticed a trend that affects all voters.  Candidates are refusing to show up for bi-partisan debates.  And they are not participating in LWVFL Voter Guides.  Scott was complimentary of our Guides, “a great resource, because it allows candidates to answer basic policy questions in their own words with no endorsements or spin.” “And the League’s questions are all pretty basic. Candidates for A.G. are asked if they’re willing to prosecute public officials accused of misconduct. Aspiring CFOs are asked how they’d invest state dollars. And the gubernatorial wannabes get the chance to lay out their positions on key issues such as schools, the environment and guns.”

Our President Patti Brigham had this response, “We were surprised and disappointed. The public deserves to know where all of the candidates stand.”

Scott’s response: “She’s right, of course. And voters should refuse to cast ballots for those who cower. (There’s still time for candidates to submit their responses for the online edition of the guide — the version more voters may use anyway.)”

Click here for his full commentary.

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