Issue Chairs

Who leads the charge on our key issues? Find out below:

Assorted Action Areas

Julie Kessel, M.D.

The Hon. Mark Pafford


Sue Legg (Off Board)

Patricia Drago (Board Liaison)

Communications Webpage, Social Media

Shawn Bartelt

Facebook and Twitter

Laurie Wack (Off Board)

Constitution Revision Commission

Lisa Hall

Gun Safety

Patricia Brigham, First Vice President

Health Care

Cecile M. Scoon, Second Vice President


Elizabeth Pines (Off Board)

Juvenile Justice

Charalotte Nycklemoe (Off Board)

Legislative Action

Michele Levy


Betty Haynes (Off Board)

Natural Resources

Marty Sullivan


Deirdre Macnab (Off Board)

Reproductive Rights

Amy Weintraub (Off Board)

Restoration of Felons Rights

Cecile M. Scoon, Second Vice President

Speakers Bureau

Ethelene Jones (Off Board)

Voter Services under LWVFL Advocacy

Including Voter Suppression legislation, litigation, etc.

Stephanie Owens

Voter Services under LWVFED

Including Voter Registration, The Voter, etc.

Maggie Lawrence




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