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Ethics and Campaign Finance in Florida

The League of Women Voters of Florida supports improving the rules of financing political campaigns to protect the public’s right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, enable candidates to compete more equitably for public office. Through our work, we hope to engage and promote citizen participation in the political process.

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Florida has a great many governmental problems in need of attention such as reapportionment, fairer election laws, legislative rules reform, campaign finance reform, and HAVA implementation, to name a few. Currently, the Board of The League of Women Voters of Florida decided that the issue of Election Law, including Ethics and Campaign Finance, be dropped until such time that there seemed to be a political climate for such a change. If that should occur, the issue could be studied to give the membership the opportunity to take a fresh look at the issue.

The League of Women Voters of Florida supports equal access to voting rights for all citizens in fair and honest elections. The below policy positions aim at ensuring that right for all Floridians;

  • Allow physically confined citizens to register and vote, including citizens in prisons awaiting adjudication, non-felons in prison, confined mental patients not judged incompetent and citizens in nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
  • Restore a felon’s civil rights automatically when their debt to society is paid.
  • Provide for keeping voter lists current without penalizing the citizen who does not choose to vote regularly.
  • Include on registration identification card instructions on how to change one’s name, address, and party affiliation. (1984)
  • NPAs (No Party Affiliation) and minor party voters should have an opportunity to vote in all primary elections. (2017)

The League of Women Voters of Florida supports legislation aimed at regulating Campaign Finance and Ethics in our Elections.

  • Given a system of public funding for political campaigns, the League of Women Voters of Florida supports the use of such funds for races for statewide candidates, with these funds to be channeled directly to the candidates. (1986)

The League of Women Voters of Florida is currently looking for a statewide chair on this issue.

Please email info@lwvfl.org if you are interested in heading this committee.

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