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Gun Safety in Florida


The League of Women Voters of Florida supports regulations concerning the purchase, ownership and use of handguns that balance as, nearly as possible, individual constitutional rights with the general interest and welfare of the community.

Issues for Action:

  • Support changes in the law to allow local communities to enact ordinances for any type of gun safety measures in their jurisdiction.
  • Support expansion of mandated background checks and three-day waiting periods for ALL gun sales or transfers including gun shows and unlicensed gun sales.

The League of Women Voters of Florida seeks to reduce and prevent gun crimes, injuries, and deaths via:

  1. A state ban on all semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity feeding devices
  2. Comprehensive universal background checks and ensuring that the State provides all relevant records to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
  3. Continuing efforts to defeat unsafe gun legislation, such as Open Carry, Campus Carry, and Stand Your Ground expansion.

The impact of SB 7030

Under the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, individuals who exclusively perform duties as classroom teachers were exempt from participating in the program. SB 7030 repealed that provision.  Click here for the LWVFL response.

Gun Safety  in Florida Chair: Molly Domin

Join the LWVFL Gun Safety Team! You must be a member of the League of Women Voters of Florida or one of our Local Chapters to participate, please become a member HERE.

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