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League Opposes Alimony Bill

The Alimony Bill would impose formulas that would drive more women and children into poverty.

Deep into Legislative session the calls, emails and Facebook posts started coming. State priorities of extending healthcare to Floridians, proper implementation of Florida Forever funding, and passage of Online Voter Registration were already keeping League volunteers, staff and board members busy. Members and citizens asked for the League to step up again and oppose the Alimony Bill SB 1248 which was moving quickly towards passage.

Two years ago, the League led opposition on a draconian alimony bill and was successful in getting the Governor to veto the bill due in part to its retroactive nature. It would have reopened alimony and custody cases all across the state.

This time, the proposed bill provided for formulas for 50/50 child custody sharing, creating the first presumptive child custody in the country. It would also radically reduce alimony payments and insert frequent triggers, requiring more litigation. It would drive many women and children deep into poverty.

Led by Polk County attorney Mark Sessums, the League called upon a committee of family attorneys and retired court judges to review the legislation. Upon review of the committee’s findings, the board voted to oppose the bill, based on our principles of fair and equitable treatment, and drafted a letter that was delivered to every Senator on Aprl 27th.

This bill is still in play, and active League members are using social media tools to reach out and educate the public about the impact this bill would have. League of Women Voters of Florida strongly opposes SB 1248.


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