October, A Very BIG Month For Solar In Florida

Hello FL SUN partners and solar advocates,

October is going to be a very big month for us in more ways that one. Not only do we have so many solar related activities (co-op’s, solar tour, film screenings, Solar Congress preparation) scheduled but our state program and parent organization Community Power Network are undergoing big branding changes.

We’ve worked hard over the past 18 months to build a strong community of solar supporters in Florida. Monday, October 2nd, we will be changing our name to Solar United Neighbors of Florida.

We’re adopting this name because it will help us to better represent Florida’s solar community and better connect with similar efforts in other states. Additionally, we will also be rolling out a paid membership offering in 2018. This program will help us reach more people interested in going solar, provide a greater array of services to current solar homeowners, and empower us to fight on behalf of all of Florida’s solar supporters. Stay tuned for more updates closer to when we roll out this effort.

Our co-op model and information sessions will remain the same – though we will no longer be saying we can save a homeowners up to 20%. There are two reasons for this – the first is that we’ve found our co-ops have helped stimulate competitive pricing and lower the overall costs of solar in Florida. Yeah co-ops! Secondly, our co-ops are so much more than price oriented. We want to ensure co-op members receive the highest quality products and superior warranties. The bidding process is incredibly competitive and will remain so. By removing the magic – yet ambiguous number – we will ensure we continue to grow the solar movement and industry without sacrificing quality or creating a race to the bottom.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help us spread solar in Florida . I’m eager to roll out the Solar United Neighbors name and continue to put the sunshine to work in the Sunshine State.

And our new logo is so cool!

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