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League Asks College & University Presidents for Early Voting

ORLANDO, Fla. – On Friday the League of Women Voters of Florida sent the following letter to Florida college and university presidents, asking them to work quickly with their county’s Supervisor of Elections to establish an early voting location in time for the November general election.

“While it’s too late to set up an early voting location for the August Primary, county Supervisors of Elections have until October 7th to finalize early voting sites for the November general election,” said Patricia Brigham, president of the Florida League. “It should be a top priority for university presidents and their county’s Supervisor of Elections to establish early voting on campuses and let the voices of young Floridians be heard.”



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Due to the ongoing health crisis, we've suspended face-to-face voter registration. We highly recommend that those who need to register to vote in Florida do so with Vote411.org!  It also allows users to easily check their registration status. Click here to register now!