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LWVFL Progress Report on County by County Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness

LWVFL Progress Report on County by County Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness
CONTACT: Patti Brigham, president, League of Women Voters of Florida

Currently ranked fourth nationally for electric vehicles (EVs) adoption, Florida is fast tracking the switch to electric vehicles. “All across the country families are saving thousands of dollars on fuel from their EV ownership while improving the environment,” said League President Patti Brigham.

Leading counties include Monroe, Franklin, Walton, Nassau and Orange, along with cities such as Naples, St. Augustine, Sarasota and Winter Park.

Despite higher purchase costs, EVs save owners an estimated $10,000 over 10 years (due to no gas and virtually no maintenance). Savings will only increase as purchase prices decline and EV’s zero emissions help produce cleaner air and water, Brigham said.

A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that 87% of drivers could switch to an EV and meet their daily travel needs, even without access to charging during the day.

So, how does Florida rank for Electric Vehicle readiness?  Using charging stations per capita, the League of Women Voters of Florida has prepared its first Progress Report to show which counties are ready and where advances are still needed.

Use this Progress Report to learn where your local community ranks in the race to transition to this cleaner and less costly means of transportation.

For data on EV Share by state and how Florida compares, click here.


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