Restoration of Voting Rights: Take Action

Restoration of Voting Rights: Take Action

Amendment 4 would grant people convicted of felonies – excluding those convicted of murder or felony sex crimes – eligibility to vote after completing all the terms of their sentence. The Governor’s Clemency Board studies have shown that recidivism rates drop about 30% if person has their voting rights restored. Another study shows that with a lower recidivism rate, costs of incarceration go down, employment goes up and that the positive impact on the Florida economy is $365 million per year.  

You can join our efforts to get the word out on Amendment 4.  

 Click here for  the landing page on Amendment 4, please share in Social Media.  For a complete summary of Amendment 4 including the impact of yes and no votes,  Click here. 

For more information on Amendment 4: ACLU Florida and Second Chances Florida

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