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Solar Co-op Toolkit: How To Start YOUR Own Co-op

Solar Co-op Toolkit:  How To Start YOUR Own Co-op


Get involved in educating and informing citizens in your local area about solar energy.

Below you’ll find our helpful Volunteer Toolkit with vital information on what, why and how a co-op is important to the future of Florida’s solar energy use.


Volunteer Toolkit

  1. Three  page flyer:
    Florida Solar FAQs
  2. Download League Solar PowerPoint:
    The Future Of Solar Is In Your Hands aka Why YOU Should Care About Solar Energy
  3. Interested Leagues should complete and return this letter to LWVFL State League office: Local League Letter of Commitment.
  4. Free tee shirts for your FL Sun co op:
    Email State Chairperson for details
  5. Homeowner Rights To Solar:
    State law requires Homeowner Associations to allow rooftop solar on every home.
    Read the Florida Home Owners Solar Rights Act here.
  6. Host a screening of the IMAX MOVIE Catching the Sun and reach more people. Click here to contact Carra Cheslin, Director of Engagement, FL SUN, for more details.
  7. LWV First Coast League to JEA:
    LWV First Coast Solar Comments to JEA Board
  8. States with mandatory Net Metering rules:
  9. SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE/Installer Selection
  10.  Take The Pledge. Make a difference, go solar:
    The Next Car Pledge.

Interested in starting your own co-op?

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