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Enough is Enough! We will not accept anything less than an assault weapons/large capacity ban in Florida. Yet legislators now want to arm our teachers. Unacceptable! 

The cries of the students should not be ignored! Nor should the majority of Floridians who, in a new poll, support a ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

Today, Monday, Feb. 26th at 2:30 PM EST. the Senate Rules Committee will meet to hear SB 7026.  Tell these committee members to vote NO on this bill! Our teachers don’t want to be armed and should not be armed!

Tell these committee members to amend these bills to ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines! They need to hear, debate and pass the ban! Tell these legislators to also hear, debate and pass expanded background checks to close the private seller loophole!

For two years our proactive gun safety bills have been ignored — after both the Pulse Nightclub and Fort Lauderdale Airport shootings. Enough! The time is NOW! 

Our young people will not allow our lawmakers to continue to put them in harm’s way. Call the members of the Senate Rules Committee and tell them to ACT to ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines, to expand background checks, and allow our teachers to teach without also serving as armed guards!

Enough is enough!

Call members of the Senate Rules Committee:

Benacquisto, Lizbeth (Chair) (R)
(850) 487-5027

Braynon II, Oscar (Vice Chair) (D)
(850) 487-5035

Book, Lauren (D)
(850) 487-5032

Bradley, Rob (R)
(850) 487-5005

Brandes, Jeff (R)
(850) 487-5024

Flores, Anitere (R)
(850) 487-5039

Galvano, Bill (R)
(850) 487-5021

Lee (T), Tom (R)
(850) 487-5020

Montford, Bill (D)
(850) 487-5003

Perry, Keith (R)
(850) 487-5008

Rodriguez, Jose Javier (D)
(850) 487-5037

Simpson, Wilton (R)
(850) 487-5010

Thurston, Jr., Perry E. (D)
(850) 487-5033

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