Take action! Expand background checks and don’t arm our teachers!

Take Action Now!

The Florida Legislature is currently in the process of hearing gun reform bills through the committee process. These bills will soon move to the floor. Please call your Representative and Senator with the following messages:

“I do not support arming our teachers. Please remove the Marshal Program from SB 7026 and HB APC6. Our teachers don’t support this plan. Teachers want to teach — not serve as armed guards.

“Please add language to support expanded background checks in Florida to close the private seller loophole. Approximately 90% of Americans support comprehensive background checks. Why? Because they save lives! It’s time — past time — we have them in Florida.”

We continue to ask our legislators to support and pass a ban on semiautomatic assault weapons. These are weapons of war and have no place in civilian hands.

Call your Representative and Senator today!

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