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Take Action Now: Ensure access to safe reproductive care!

HB 1335 will be heard in committee tomorrow, Wednesday April 3rd at 9 AM. This bill would require a young person’s parent to prove parentage and give consent before she could get an abortion. 

Young people should be able to turn to their parents when faced with an unintended pregnancy, and in fact most do. But laws requiring a young
woman to further involve parents puts her health and safety at risk, and does not increase family communication.

The small fraction of youth who do not consult a parent often have
good reason not to. They may not live with their parents due to family
strife or incarceration. Some teens who don’t want to tell a parent about
their abortion decision fear that if they did, they would be kicked out of
the house. Others fear they would be physically abused because their
parents had beaten them before.

This legislation will further delay access, which leads to more invasive,
expensive, and harder to access later-term abortions. This is why health
care professionals from the American Medical Association,
the Society for Adolescent Medicine, the American Public Health Association,
the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,
the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other organizations of health
professionals oppose mandatory parental involvement in abortion decision making.
What can you do?
Call or email these House Judiciary Committee members to urge them to
reject HB 1335’s effort to push more restrictions on young women,
jeopardizing their health.

Beltran, Mike
(850) 717-5057
Brannan III, Chuck
(850) 717-5010
Fernandez-Barquin, Juan
(850) 717-5119
Fitzenhagen, Heather
(850) 717-5078
Grant, James
(850) 717-5064
Gregory, Tommy
(850) 717-5073
Hill, Mike
(850) 717-5001
Killebrew, Sam
(850) 717-5041
LaMarca, Chip
(850) 717-5093
Renner, Paul (Chair)
(850) 717-5024
Rommel, Bob (Vice Chair)
(850) 717-5106
Sirois, Tyler I.
(850) 717-5051
Keep moving forward,
Patricia Brigham

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