Ask the Governor to VETO These Bills! Call Today!

Ask the Governor to Veto these Bills! Take Action Now!

Ask the Governor to Veto these Bills! Take Action Now!

Protect Amendment 4

Veto SB7066: This election bill contains several important measures which will protect our democracy and ensure a fair and transparent election process. Unfortunately, the last-minute language creating unjustifiable barriers to returning citizens is counter to the purpose of Amendment 4 and outweighs any positive impact this bill might have had. The people of Florida deserve election security without this modern day poll tax.

Call Gov. Ron DeSantis and ask that he VETO SB 7066! (850) 717-9337

Protect the Citizen Initiative Amendment Process

Veto HB 5: This tax bill was amended at the seventh hour to add unrelated language imposing unjustifiable barriers to citizens engaging in the political process. This dishonest politicking is counter to the principles of democracy and unbecoming of our state legislature.

Call Gov. Ron DeSantis and ask that he VETO HB 5! (850) 717-9337

Protect Our Environment!

The Legislature passed SB 7068 and it now waits for the governor’s signature. This legislation would carve three corridors through Florida’s undeveloped areas:

  • “Southwest-Central Florida Connector” extending from Collier to Polk County (a previous highway was planned for this route called the Heartland Parkway)
  • “Suncoast Connector” extending from Citrus to Jefferson County
  • “Northern Turnpike Connector” extending from the northern terminus of the Florida Turnpike northwest to the Suncoast Parkway

Building these roads is very expensive, costing over $500M between 2020 and 2023 and more after that. This will take money away from other infrastructure projects such as wastewater, drinking water, and repair of existing roads and bridges. These roads will also result in urban sprawl and will devastate the habitat of dozens of threatened and endangered species. These roads will destroy important wetlands, forests, springs, and aquifer recharge areas.

Call Gov. Ron DeSantis and ask that he VETO SB 7068! (850) 717-9337

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