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Take action: Protect Amendment 4!

Amendment 4 – which restored the eligibility to vote to 1.4 million people with a past felony conviction last November — is in danger.

On Tuesday, the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee passed a bill that could impact full implementation of Amendment 4, narrowing the language of those eligible to register to vote.

The Senate Criminal Justice Subcommittee is voting on SB 7086 on Monday, March 25 at 1:30 PM and we need all hands on deck to ensure that the voters are heard!

Two out of the three Republicans on the committee actively supported Amendment 4 — meaning this is a key moment to stop this legislative overreach — and we want to put in kind, but strong calls into their offices.

Call the Senators below and say this to the staffer who answers the phone:

“Hi, my name is _ and I’m calling on behalf of the 1.4 million formerly convicted people throughout Florida who had the eligibility to vote restored by Amendment 4 last November. As a Florida voter, I am opposed to Proposed Committee Bill 7086 because it will restrict the number of people who are eligible to vote — undermining what the nearly 65% of Florida voters intended when passing Amendment 4. I’m urging the senator to please vote NO on SB 7086. Thank you for your time.”

Senate Criminal Justice Subcommittee

Keith Perry:
Jeff Brandes:
Randolph Bracy:
Anitere Flores:
Jason Pizzo:

(850) 487-5008
(850) 487-5024
(850) 487-5011
(850) 487-5039
(850) 487-5038

Among other damaging things, this bill redefines certain crimes and seeks to deny voting eligibility to people who have served their time but have not paid certain fines or other fees, beyond what was given by the judge during sentencing.

This overreach also seeks to expand the definition of completion of sentence beyond what was previously established by the Clemency Board.

Call the Senators above immediately and demand they reject this bill that will massively reduce the number of Floridians able to register to vote.

Amendment 4 was passed with widespread support, and we can’t let the Florida Legislature thwart the will of the voters and undermine the history we made together.

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