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Take action: Support a fracking ban in committee!

Ban Fracking in Florida!

“Fracking,” an advanced well stimulation method, needs to be banned in Florida. Injecting toxic chemicals under pressure into our delicate limestone geology is too dangerous. There are several ways these chemicals can pollute the aquifer that provides 90% of us with our drinking water – casing failures, abandoned well leakage, deep well injection of used chemicals. The risks are too great. Our legislature needs to outlaw fracking.

Senate Bill 462 is a proposal to ban advanced well stimulation treatments (also known as “fracking”) in the state of Florida. Please ask the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee to support SB 462 when they meet on Monday, February 5th. Please contact the members of this committee to let them know you support this important bill, and be sure to thank the co-sponsors of this bill for their dedication to protecting Florida’s environment!

Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee

Sen. Rob Bradley, Chair
(850) 487-5005

Sen. Linda Stewart, Vice Chair SB 462 co-sponsor
(850) 487-5013

Sen. Aaron Bean
(850) 487-5004

Sen. Lauren Book, SB 462 co-sponsor
(850) 487-5032

Sen. Gary M. Farmer, Jr.
(850) 487-5034

Sen. Anitere Flores, SB 462 co-sponsor
(850) 487-5039

Sen. Dorothy L. Hukill
(850) 487-5014

Sen. Travis Hutson
(850) 487-5007

Sen. David Simmons
(850) 487-5009

Sen. Annette Taddeo, SB 462 co-sponsor
(850) 487-5040

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