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Take action today! Separating children from their parents is inhumane.

To deter Central American and Mexican families from claiming asylum when crossing the border into the U.S., the Trump Administration began separating children from their parents under their “zero tolerance” policy announced in April 2018. What we know at this time is that children are shipped to facilities run by contractors or to agencies for temporary foster care placement. The parents are held in detention centers, with many ending up in federal prisons.

This past week we learned that one of those facilities is located in south Florida. As reported by the Tampa Bay Times on 6/20/18, even elected officials were not allowed to enter the Homestead facility to check on the condition of these children. Later that day, the President signed an Executive Order to “solve the problem.”

More than 2,300 children have been taken from their parents. The Executive Order neither addresses reunification of these children with their parents, nor states when the separation will stop. At this point we do not know where all of these children are located. The secrecy exhibited by the federal government by not identifying all facilities, denying access to facilities housing children, as well as the lack of response to Honduran and Mexican embassies seeking information about children being placed in foster care is inexcusable and raises very serious concerns about the treatment of these children. What is the government hiding?

It is critical that each one of us contact our federal elected officials and ask them to ensure that these children are reunited with their parents. Contact your Congressperson and both U.S. Senators. It takes just a few minutes.

Contact your Congressperson and both U.S. Senators

Call, email, or visit each of them. It takes just a few minutes and is so easy to do. Contact info provided at bottom of this message.

  • State your name and ZIP code. Calls and messages from outside their district are not counted.
  • Since the executive order does not address reunifying separated families — ask that they request a plan to do so immediately and then track progress towards total reunification.
  • Also — ask them to determine where all facilities housing children are located and visit at least one. Support funding for additional immigration judges.
  • Do NOT support funding for more detention centers, the wall with Mexico, nor additional immigration enforcement staff.

If the phone lines are blocked or voice mailbox is full, cut and paste the bullet points from above into their email forms on their websites!

In Solidarity with Families

There will be Families Belong Together marches on Saturday, June 30 around the state and country.

Contact Info

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives

Enter your ZIP code here
Once you’ve found your Representative, use the contact form on their website (hint: it’s usually at the top).

U.S. Senators for Florida

Bill Nelson
Visit website and complete form
(202) 224-5274 or (813) 225-7040

Marco Rubio
Visit website and complete form
(866) 630-7106 or (202) 224-3041

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