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Candice Hoke

Candice Hoke

Over the past twenty years, Candice Hoke has been working to achieve fair, transparent elections nationwide and with particular attention to each of the three “purple” states where she’s recently lived (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida).

She’s one of the foremost national experts on the regulation and security of election technologies, having advised officials at every level of government.  A regulatory lawyer and cybersecurity consultant, Candice spent twenty years as a  tenured law professor teaching Election Law and Regulatory Law (among other subjects) before earning an information security degree and serving as a cyber risk and resilience consultant.

Candice Hoke is widely recognized national authority on laws governing election technologies (including voting devices and voter registration databases), election management, and on federal regulatory programs reflecting federalism values. She is a graduate of Yale Law School, where she was Senior Editor of the Yale Law Journal and co-chair of the Yale Law Women’s Association. Her most recent publications focus on election technology regulatory issues, some of which were co-authored with computer security scientists. Her prior publications focus on health care regulation, welfare/public entitlement programs, and constitutional standards for statutory preemption.

An avid gardener and birdwatcher, Candice is also deeply committed to protecting the Florida environment.


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