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Karen Wilkerson

Karen Wilkerson

Karen Wilkerson has served as an Executive Director of a State Retail Association, which she grew into a multi-million dollar established with a for-profit subsidiary and a trucking cooperative. Subsequently, she was the head of her own lobbying firm where she represented national and state companies. Her work included designing services for the retail community, analyzing legislation and regulations, development and implementation of convention planning, education workshops and serving as spokesperson for the industry.

Karen has testified before Congressional and state governments and legislatures. She served on many national committees, including Business Advisory Committees for members of Congress, Resolution Committee of the White House Conference on Small Business, Committee on Unemployment Laws, a Governor’s Committee to Reform Tort Laws, chaired a Metric Conversion Board, and participated on a State Chamber of Commerce Board. She was president of the State Retail Association Executives, served as an executive board member of the American Retail Association Executives, and served as an executive board member of the American Retail Federation.

During her tenure as chair and then executive director of the Vermont Commission on the Status of Women, Karen was involved in the landmark decision to permit girls to participate in Little League, obtained the right for women to have their names listed in telephone directories, created a talent bank of qualified women to serve on hospital and public sector positions, along with several other major accomplishments. Karen is a certified association executive of the American Society of Association Executives and has served as president of a local and state League of the League of Women Voters.

Shortly after arriving in the Palm Beach area, she was involved in the grant proposal that placed nurses in each of the county’s schools. She also designed and implemented a student-parent information workshop series on drugs, gangs, and establishing parent-student positive communications. For several years, Karen coordinated the collection and distribution of school uniforms to needy families in Palm Beach County. Throughout her life, Karen has been involved in music. She has played the piano since childhood and was involved in music presentations and concerts wherever she resided. She now teaches piano to children and adults.

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