Once someone has completed their sentence and paid all of their fines, they have earned the eligibility to vote.

we are for amendment 4!

Voter Restoration

This citizen initiative would restore the eligibility to vote to persons with felony convictions who have completed their sentences. It does not apply to those convicted of murder or sex offenses.
Make Florida
1.5 million Floridians have served their sentences but can't vote without seeking clemency through a costly, unsupervised, arbitrary process that can take decades.
Make Florida
save money!
Restoring a person’s rights reduces their likelihood of committing new crimes according to the Florida Parole Commission. It costs taxpayers $20K per year to incarcerate an inmate.
Make Florida
Florida's felony voting rights restrictions date back to 1868, and today we're one of only 4 states that bar those who have completed their sentences from voting.

Passing Amendment 4 will greatly reduce costs and increase employment opportunities*:


Supporting nearly 3,800 new jobs annually


Increasing Florida resident household income by $151 million


Creating a total annual economic impact of $365 million

Give your fellow Floridians a chance to participate in our democracy, reducing recidivism.

End Florida’s overly politicized, unfair clemency process, which was ruled unconstitutional by a US District Court judge in early 2018.

*According to The Washington Economics Group, Inc.
Promote a fair, inclusive democratic process in Florida by participating in November’s election.

These Organizations join the League of Women Voters of Florida in supporting Amendment 4:

  • Floridians for a Fair Democracy
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Progress Florida
  • Florida Policy Institute
  • Florida Education Association
  • Florida National Organization for Women
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